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If you are looking to invest money, MACS suggests that Cyprus is an attractive destination. You can invest in shares of existing Cyprus companies or buy businesses; dabble in the Stock Market, bonds, savings in gold and across a wide range of repossession and devalued property in Cyprus.


Cyprus has a healthy and robust economy, which relies primarily on the services sector. While the EU had rough passage through the recession and is coming to grips with an increased standard of living, Cyprus has been relatively resilient to the economic crisis causing the recession. Amongst all member countries of the EU, Cyprus has probably been the best off. . .

Company shares

The Government of Cyprus has no rules that prevent Foreign Direct Investment in excess of 50 percent of any company’s shares, nor does it limit ownership to just 3 or 4 different individuals. Given the current healthy state of the economy, large numbers of companies wish to expand, but find themselves strapped for cash. This is a boom-time for large scale investors.


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